AFPOH Projects Got Support Of IoT, Artificial Intelligence And Other Tech

We at AFPOH have been religiously and rigorously working upon our projects in a time bound manner. So far we have out performed all our deadlines and we are tasting small victories and success one after another. In this article I am discussing about two recent enabling and empowerment actions that would make AFPOH project not only unique but a potential tool to empower rural communities, farmers, marginalised segment, etc in India.

The first enabling feature that has been added to AFPOH Project is the support of the exclusive Techno Legal Center Of Excellence For Internet Of Things (TLCOEIOT) In India. With this Internet of Things, Indian Agriculture and rural empowerment would be managed in a Techno Legal manner by AFPOH. The TLCOEIOT would also help AFPOH for areas like Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Analysis, Data Security and Cyber Security, Privacy and Data Protection, etc that no other institution is doing as on date.

The second enabling feature is that AFPOH has been made an administrator at the exclusive Techno Legal ICT and Smart Cities Forum of India. This would allow AFPOH to play a pro active role in the use and implementation of ICT for agriculture and other projects of AFPOH rather than being just mere receptor of Techno Legal support from other projects. For the sake of clarification about the objectives and projects of AFPOH, the project is managing many Techno Legal aspects and agriculture, rural empowerment, telelaw, access to justice, resilience for all, disaster risk reduction, water harvesting and management, solar and renewable energy management, etc are just some of the examples. We would discuss about the projects of AFPOH one by one in due course of time.

Some very sensitive and crucial projects are also in pipeline that we cannot discuss or disclose at this stage. But rest assured, we would not let any stakeholder down and soon the most extensive and effective Techno Legal exercise to make Indian agriculture and rural communities empowered would start. We would cut through all rhetoric and lies and would deliver only what is true and is required.

We are also open to collaboration, partnerships, associations, etc with national and international stakeholders. Startups, companies, govt institutions, govt departments, PDUs, etc are most welcome to have partnership with us so that collectively we can make a big change.

We have pushed AFPOH project ahead of its turn under our New India Model because India is facing some serious man made and natural threats. For instance, we have a water crisis and emergency and the same must be tackled on priority. Similarly, we have a situation where farmers are committing suicide and are dying due to hunger because the policies and implementation of existing schemes are not proper. There is a complete lack of political will to tackle this situation and in these circumstances AFPOH was given an out of turn promotion so that these grave dangers can be mitigated, if not eliminated in the short term. In the long term ,we would eliminate all these vices with proper support of Central and State Governments.

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